Eye and the City

The city: a wonderous place possessing a multitude of opportunities and possibilities...or a blight on the landscape? Long a subject explored in the visual arts, the urban landscape has been portrayed by artists as records of mankind's achievements, or lack thereof, in urban planning and architecture; as setting for and reflections of politcal, social and economic narratives; or as absorbing aesthetic constructs.

The exhibition Eye and the City examines the contradictory views of teh city and the various reasons for representing it as expressed by five contemporary Alberta artists. Whether considering actual or implied narratives or focusing on strictly formal matters, these artists take us through the streets and down the alleys of Alberta's main cities, exploring the familiar and drawing our eye to what is often overlooked. Though they examine the city for different reasons, these artists are united in their wish to arrest the fleeting quality of our experiences, inviting us to recognize the special experiences and complex beauty to be found all around us.

The exhibition Eye of the City features art works by Russell Bingham, Gordon Harper, David Janzen, Paul Murasko and Verna Vogel.