Food Fear Factor 2018

Food Fear Factor Challenge was held
on October 24, 2018.  

The Menu
1. Sour Dunk- lemonade and a white oreo
2. Cheetos and evaporated milk
3. Twisted Twinkie- twinkie stuffed with sauerkraut
4. Surprise Sandwich- onion, strawberry jam and mustard on bread
5. Cocoa Chai Butter- baking cocoa, chai seeds and butter
6. Applesauce Supreme- applesauce and relish
7. Dog Slam- cold hot dog water with hot dog slices
8. Vomito- spaghetti O's, spam, lime jello, green olives, maple syrup
9. Rollmop- pickled herring fillets

Congratulations to our winners:
1st- Mr. Baxter
2nd- Taylor MA
3rd- Matthew L
4th- Sydney KF

Other participants include Hailey K, Zara W, Brooklynn M.